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The Central Texas housing market is booming, and for good reason. Nothing beats having your own custom home in the hill country. Clayton Construction specializes in new custom home construction in the greater Austin TX area, and our builders are here to help turn your new home dreams into reality. Whether you prefer to keep it simple with a more traditional home design or you want to try something different with a custom-made barndominium, our experienced crew of home builders is on deck to make it happen!

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    Traditional Home Builders

    yellow farm house built by Austin home builders surrounded by lavish trees

    What’s a Traditional Home?

    A Traditional Home is exactly what your think of when you think of a brick-and-mortar house. It’s the kind of house you typically see in a master planned community.

    Advantages of a Traditional Home

    When you commission a custom home builder to build this kind of home in Austin TX for you, you get to be in control of every aspect of the design and the build. There are so many options when it comes to a new construction of a Traditional home. You have full customization of your home in terms of materials, ranging from affordable to exotic and pricey. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this kind of building.

    Why Choose Clayton Construction?

    As a custom home builder, Clayton Construction strives to bring your custom home design plans to life! We want to make your building experience in Austin TX a high quality one. When it comes to a more traditional home build, we take our time while focusing on craftsmanship in the building process. Clayton Construction specializes in concrete, so we can ensure that your new home will have a sturdy foundation. as the home is constructed, we will focus on all the details surrounding the build to ensure that everything is done to your standards. We service the greater Austin and surrounding areas of central Texas and would love to hear about what you envision in a new home.

    Hybrid Home Builders

    Advantages of a Hybrid Home

    When it comes to building your new home, there are so many directions that a custom home build can go in. If you struggling to choose between a Traditional Style home and an open floor plan concept such as a Barndominium, we would love to help you with your design by combining both concepts into a Hybrid style dream home. A hybrid design combines a sturdier steel frame with more traditional wooden rafters, saving money on material costs and producing a more reliable home overall.

    Why Choose Clayton Construction?

    Just tell us the type of community you’re looking for in the Austin area, and we will design a floor plan that’s sure to bring elevation to your home building experience. With quality construction, attention to detail and years of experience, you can trust Clayton Construction as your custom builder for this exciting new style of hybrid homes.

    home with a barndominium style addition built by a home builder in Austin Tx

    What’s a Hybrid Home?

    A Hybrid home is the best of both worlds when it comes to building a home that checks all your design boxes. You get all the best qualities of a Traditional Style home combined with all the best qualities of a Barndominium. The cool part about hybrid builds is that it allows you to have the same feel as a Traditional Style home while still utilizing the ability to add tons of square footage to your dream home for a fraction of the cost.

    Barndominium Home Builders

    sleek black barndominium built by custom home builders in Austin TX

    What’s a Barndominium Home?

    The name Barndominium comes from the combination of a Barn and a Condominium and the building itself reflects that concept. The home is constructed using a steel frame and sheet metal as siding. They are commonly built using an open floor plan and then rooms are divided within the home using various materials.

    Advantages of a Barndominium Home

    When it comes to building a home with a lot of square footage for less money than a traditional style home, it can’t get much better than the Barndominium. The custom builders at Clayton Construction have all kinds of designs for open floor plan Barndominiums of all different scales and sizes! If you are looking to build a green building or home, the Barndominium is a perfect building for you.

    The materials that go into a Barndominium are far less expensive than a traditional brick and mortar home, and Barndominiums can also be built in a shorter time frame. Another advantage of the Barndominium is the ability to build off the grid to provide you with a living experience like no other, being close to nature and giving you the ability to design your home with easy access to experience nature as a part of your everyday life.

    Why Choose Clayton Construction?

    We’ve helped dozens of Austin residents create the barndominium home of their dreams, and we’d love to help you realize yours next. Use the links below to learn more about barndominium homes and to see our previous work! We would love to bring your dreams of becoming a new homeowner to reality.

    Let’s Get to Work!

    Ready to get started on the custom home of your dreams? The home builder crew at Clayton Construction is ready to hear from you. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can take the building ideas in your head and turn them into reality. You’re going to love your new home!

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