Your Austin Barndominium Builder

Clayton Construction is proud to be a leading barndominium builder in Austin and Central Texas. If you’re looking for unique living area, a barn home might be exactly what you’re looking for. Barndominiums offer a lot of the benefits provided by a more traditional home, without the hefty price tag.

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    Why a Barndominium?

    Barndominiums are the perfect Texas homes, and they’ve been rising in popularity in recent years for a number of reasons—especially in the hill country. While the tiny home trend has been gaining traction, the barndominium trend has seen a newfound interest as well.

    Some think that a barndominium is simply a wood or metal building, or a barn house, but they can be so much more when built by the right team. With the right floor plan and materials, such as quality wood and steel, you might be shocked at how beautiful these barn homes can be.

    A barn house offers a lot of living space so you can do all the activities you enjoy in your new home.

    Why Choose Clayton Construction?

    As barndominiums gain popularity, residents in Central Texas have more and more options when it comes to builders. However, not all builders are equal, so it’s important to work with contractors who take great pride in their work to ensure your barndominium project is completed right the first time.

    Barndominium Nearing Completion

    High Quality Work

    If you want a high quality Texas barndominium, you need a general contractor that makes quality a top priority while staying on budget. From the concrete slab to the roof, we ensure every square foot of your barn home is perfectly-crafted so you can have a comfortable living space that’s built to last.

    Metal Frame in Progress

    High Quality Materials

    From the wood or steel frame to the metal roof and metal or wooden siding, we’re proud to use long-lasting materials to ensure your new home is built right. While some contractors cut corners and opt for low-quality steel and wood, our goal is to build you a custom home that will last for years to come.

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    At Clayton Construction, our goal is to build up the community in any way we can. From providing quality custom homes to hiring locals for honest work, we believe there’s plenty to be done when it comes to creating a great environment for our friends and families.

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    Whether you own a ranch or are looking to buy a small plot of land to call your own, a high-quality barndominium can give you the living quarters you need to be comfortable and happy, whether you’re living on your own, raising a family, or anything in between. From custom metal building homes to full custom homes in Austin Texas, we’re here for all your needs.

    We’re more than a custom home builder or general contractor, we’re your neighbors who you can count on for all of your home and barndominium needs.

    Let us know what we can build for you!

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