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Ideas to Take Your Barndominium’s Energy Efficienty to the Next Level


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    Barndominiums are a perfect living space for many people, but they can be challenging to heat and cool. It’s often difficult to get enough airflow throughout a barndominium while at the same time keeping the temperature regulated.

    However, barndominiums are often a great choice for energy efficiency. With the right upgrades, your barndominium can be as efficient as any other home. All it takes is a few tweaks to your heating and cooling system, and you’ll have an easier time regulating the temperature inside your home.

    Install a Programmable Thermostat

    A simple way to make your barndominium more energy-efficient is installing a programmable thermostat. It’s an inexpensive upgrade you can make yourself and will save you money on heating and cooling costs in the long run. Programmable thermostats allow you to control your home’s temperature from anywhere, so if you’re away during work hours or need to turn on the air conditioning for a few minutes before bed, you can do it from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s an easy fix that will save energy and money in the long run.

    Seal up All Drafts

    One of the easiest ways to keep the heat in your barndominium is to seal any openings where cold or hot air can enter or exit. This will keep any heat you’ve generated outside from escaping into the cold outdoors and vice versa. While doing this, be sure to check for cracks in windows and doors, along with holes and gaps under sinks and cabinets. Some people will also cut a hole in their bathroom mirror when it is removed for cleaning so that air does not escape while they are showering or using the restroom.

    Install Insulation

    Insulating your home is necessary for keeping the heat in during the winter and the cold out during the summer. You can use spray foam insulation to fill up any gaps or holes that might be present in your barndominium. Ensure you aren’t using a flame-retardant type of insulation, as this will be less effective at blocking airflow and keeping heat from escaping. Foam insulation has a special spray nozzle that sprays out the foam-like frosting onto your walls. Once it’s applied, you must wait for it to dry before re-entering your barndominium.

    Include Attic Fans

    Attic fans help circulate the warm air generated inside your home and into your attic, which can either enter vents throughout your home or dissipate into the atmosphere. This will ensure that you always have a way to get rid of the warm air generated inside your barndominium and won’t risk creating a moldy situation in your home. Check on the fan periodically and ensure someone isn’t obstructing its path by putting boxes or other things underneath it, as this can cause it to overheat and potentially catch on fire.

    Key Takeaway

    Barndominiums are a great home for many people, but it can be difficult to regulate the temperature when trying to get rid of hot and cold air. However, by making a few changes to your heating and cooling system, you will find it much easier to keep the temperature in your home where you want it. This is especially important if you’re saving money on energy bills during summer or winter.

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