A barndominium with a large yard at dusk.

How a Barndominium Can Bring Your Dream of Living Off the Grid to Reality Tips from Your Custom Home & Barndominium Builders in Austin TX


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    If you have ever dreamed of living in rural areas, in a serene and quiet environment, but were fearful of the cost or time involved in building such a structure, then a barndominium may be exactly what you need. This structure is the perfect solution for someone who loves to work with their hands or has always dreamed of living off the grid.

    What Exactly Is a Barndominium?

    A barndominium is a type of living space that combines the concept of a barn and a condominium. The term “barn” refers to the building’s method of construction, where the building frame is made of wood or metal. The term “condominium” refers to the fact that each room is built separately, with no common wall or floor.

    Barndominiums feature exposed beams, steel siding, high ceilings, and huge windows. They are usually built using an open concept, where the living room flows freely into the kitchen area and where there is no true separation between the living space and the dining area. They have very few walls and high ceilings in order to accommodate a loft-like feel.

    Why Choose a Barndominium?

    When you build a barndominium, you get to live in a home that is designed to be energy efficient. This means that your electricity bills will be low and you will rarely have to worry about what your heat and air conditioning bill is going to be. You also have more room in a barndominium than you would in an average home.

    Another big advantage to living in a barndominium is the cost savings that come with this type of home. A barndominium is built using recycled and recyclable materials. This means that the overall cost of building a barndominium is far less than that of building a regular house, making them an affordable option for prospective homeowners. There is also much less time involved in building a barndominium as compared to a regular home, which leads to even more savings.

    Other great reasons for choosing a barndominium include:

    1. The Freedom It Provides

    If you want to live off the grid but don’t want to be a hermit and stay locked up in your house all the time, a barndominium will provide you with all the freedom you want. It also allows you to enjoy animals that are part of your lifestyle because many people have small animals such as chickens or goats.

    2. The Location of the Barndominium

    Many people have had dreams of living in the countryside, but cannot afford to build a home once they purchase the land. With a barndominium, you can build the perfect home for less than a traditional home. They want to be able to leave their home and go out into nature and experience that natural life that so many other people crave. A location close to nature is perfect for those who believe in living on their terms, without compromise.

    3. The Home It Allows You to Create

    Many people who have always dreamed of sleeping under the stars have seen their dreams go unfulfilled because they can’t afford a big enough home where they can purchase land to live off the grid. A barndominium allows you to have everything you have ever dreamed of, such as a sleeping porch, a backyard for self-sufficient gardening, and even your chicken coop.

    4. The Functionality It Provides

    A barndominium offers all of the functionality that a regular home provides, with the addition of rustic appeal. You can make your home look however you want it to look by adding any number of design elements to it.


    If you are looking for a unique home, or if you are tired of being restricted by the rules that define regular homes, then a barndominium may be your dream come true. They allow you to both live a self-sufficient life and to have rustic appeal in your home. The fact that you can combine the benefits of living in the country with all of the functionality of a normal home means that a barndominium is the perfect choice for anyone. The simple design and affordable nature of this building type also make it an attractive option for those who want to live on their terms. If you’re looking for Austin custom home builders or a barndominium in Austin, contact Clayton Construction today to discuss your needs and goals. We’d love to hear from you!

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